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Based on the time period of the richest man who ever lived, Mansa Musa. Our "Mansa" luxury scented candle was created with authenticity in mind. Musa who was born in 1280 AD and who would later become the Sultan of the Mali Empire, left behind a rich legacy of wealth, building projects, and trade. Pulling inspiration from that time period, we decided to focus on what spice would have been traded at that time along the Arabian trade route and found that one of the main commodities would have been cinnamon. So we made that a focal point of our Mansa candle while also combining it with fragrances that would inspire a love of the beautiful fabrics from that time period. The final cultivation of that immense research is "Mansa" and we are happy to share it with you. 

*Travel candle performs best in a small room such as a small office or small bathroom.

Candle Jar Size: 7 OZ   Jar Contents: 5 OZ

Top: Cinnamon, Bergamot
Middle: Vanilla, Spices
Base: Wood, Musk